Data Analytics Services

Real time data rates the performance of your communication online. We turn that data into insight.

Web Analytics


Who visits your website? How did they come to your site? What did they do once they landed there? How long did they spend on your site? Are they new or returning visitors? Which pages are the most popular? Where did the visitors go afterwards? Our research team analyses such data and more, using the best-in-class tools to understand your visitors’ behavior and help improve your website to achieve the desired goals.

Social Media Analytics


Social media analytics is essential for any social media campaign as it tracks, measures and increases the effectiveness of your campaign. A large amount of information is available on social media, including comments, interactions, preferences, dislikes, etc. We help you add context to these social media interactions so you can understand, respond to and extract valuable insights for your business.

Application Analytics


Application analytics provides insights into the performance of an application by producing real-time analysis through visualization of data this application insights analytics include IT operations, customer experience and business outcomes. This allows enterprises to quickly troubleshoot performance questions and root cause issues in order to make needed changes for efficiency in real time.