Mirum india breaks borders to create impact!

  • Written by Almas Mistry

Mirum has always taken great pride in being a borderless agency. Across the globe, we make experiences that people want and businesses need. One such project that we take great pride in completing successfully is that of a premium US retailer.

This US retailer wanted to create a tool that allows their internal users to share knowledge, merchandise expertise and helpful tips on how to sell. The primary objective of the app was – “Re-imagining the customer experience”. In order to achieve this, the retailer in question approached JWT INSIDE (www.jwtinside.com) , based out of Atlanta, to design and build a native iOS and Windows app that allows easy sharing of information, photos and posts by their stylists. While JWT INSIDE focused on the user experience and visual designs, they partnered with Mirum India to help them architect and build the native apps.

And that’s how we got a chance to work on this prestigious project! One would think that because of two completely different time zones, there would be coordination issues on the project. However, our company not only seamlessly co-ordinated across time zones, but also ensured smooth progress of the project at every step.

But how did we ensure this? Mirum India set up a cross functional team comprising of iOS and Windows developers, Back-end developers, along with Quality Analyst and Project Manager. We put a Certified Scrum Master on the project who structured the entire project into various sprints. Our team decided that agile methodology was best suited for this project. Every sprint that our team developed had a demo planned so that the client was always aware about the progress of the project. A detailed Acceptance Criteria was documented and signed as part of the scope of work to avoid ambiguity during development.

Mirum India also set up a detailed governance model based on the pre-defined ‘Global Delivery Process’ set up especially for borderless collaboration. These processes ensure that the difference in geographies and time zones have no impact on the success of the project. One of the key tenets of this model was to have a well-defined communication plan for daily stand-ups. These daily calls helped in clearing roadblocks, identify risks in advance and structuring collaborative mitigation plans for the same. These calls also helped in building trust with the client and giving them a transparent overview about progress of the project.

To assist with the communication, our company made use of MS Teams, a unified communications platform. Some key features of MS Teams like dedicated channels, cloud-based file sharing, web and video conferencing were leveraged to facilitate the overall communication. As a project management tool, Atlassian’s Jira was used, and all granular tasks and their acceptance criteria were organized under various sprints. Other tools like Zeplin and Github were used to handle prototyping and version control respectively.

What’s more? During the execution of the project, Mirum India arranged for Almas, our Delivery Head, to visit the JWT INSIDE office at New York, US for a mid-project review. Mirum believes that such face-to-face meetings provide the necessary assurance to the client.

Mirum India Breaks Borders to Create Impact

L-R: Dave Levin, Amanda Kunze, Casey Aitken & Lu Tapuch from JWT INSIDE with Almas Mistry (Centre) at the JWT INSIDE New York office

According to Dave Levin, Director of Delivery at JWT INSIDE, “My team at Wunderman Thompson recently partnered with WPP sister agency Mirum India on a challenging project: a mobile app for a large retail client to use INTERNALLY for improving team communication and knowledge sharing. We relied heavily on Mirum India’s project management team to help coordinate all aspects of the project, and we were extremely satisfied with the results. Mirum India’s team demonstrated a firm grasp of agile methodology, and they did a great job of gathering our agency’s creative requirements and helping ensure the Mirum India technology team fulfilled them.”

Kalpesh Patel, Technology Director at Mirum India further adds, “We have the right processes in place, and we’ve hired the right people to get the job done. It doesn’t matter in which part of the world the client is located. Our team will come meet you to ensure smooth completion of your project.”

Mirum India strives daily to be a borderless agency and raise the bar when it comes to delivering cutting edge work in the digital arena.