Mirum, actively participates in discharging its obligations as a responsible corporate citizen by funding projects pertaining to education and care-for-the-aged. Some of the partners that we work wish for our CSR activities are :

WPP Foundation

The WPP Foundation is working with 10 schools in the urban and peri urban slums of Mumbai and Delhi NRC, through this program, WPP looks forward to opening doors of new dreams for almost 20,000 children through this 7-year long program. More than 200 children have been graduated from these programs, many of these students are either pursuing higher education or employment.

Archana Foundation

Archana Foundation is a charitable registered under the Charitable Trust Act. It been in existence for about 20 years and does lot of charitable activities in and around Mumbai. Archana Foundation also supports a Home-for-the-aged (Vridhashram) at Sahapur. This ashram is home to more than 100 elderly people. The Foundation provides help in the form of medicines, diapers for the elderly, food and nutrition, arranging for cultural programs and festival celebration for the inmates, donation of various equipment etc. Members of the trust also visit the ashram regularly to ensure that all needs of the inmates are adequate met and managed.

Rotary Foundation

Pedal-to-learn is a project initiated, sponsored and sustained by the Rotary Club of Deonar. Bicycles are donated to the students in rural schools who walk more than 5 kms to attend school since ST buses and other modes of public transport are poor. The identified students have to walk for more than 5 km to reach the school from their Adivasi- Tribal wadies. The Rotary Club has started this humanitarian project, which facilitates easy and safe travel and helps to control school dropouts. About 800 students have benefitted from this so far.