Mirum India, is a leading digital agency with a pan-India footprint, offering 360-degree digital solutions for over 50 Indian & International brands. Mirum globally operates in 25 countries, with more than 46 offices and 2500 digital professionals. Mirum is part of the WPP Network.

Digital Marketing Services

Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps you send the right message to the customer at the right time using emails, SMSes and app pushes, with customer personalization as its best feature.

Salesforce Audience Studio platform

At Mirum India we make the most of the Audience Studio platform that makes storage software system, organizing and interpreting customer segment and ad campaign data from a variety of sources easier than ever before.

Salesforce Social Media Monitoring Tool

Audience Studio, the most preferred social media monitoring tool, helps you gain insight into every online conversation about your brand as well as respond to customers in real time.

Datorama Marketing Intelligence

Gain complete marketing intelligence with Mirum India to connect all of the data, insights, and teams to drive ROI, speed, and growth across your business