Digital Advertising & Communications

Mirum is full-service digital marketing agency helping brands to transform their digital footprint. We have a team with rich and diverse marketing expertise and years of experience in managing brands on digital. Whether it’s building a brand, managing social media assets, driving conversions or running a creative campaign, we have the expertise to partner with you to address your marketing challenges.

Brand Strategy

We firmly believe in our ‘digital first’ credence; we are not an ‘only digital’ agency. Consumer behavior towards brands is a summation of all communication that they are exposed to, as well as their beliefs and the larger cultural context.

It is this insight that drives strategic communication across our work. We look at people from a larger cultural lens, her influences, motivations before we even approach the media that she consumes. To us digital journeys for this consumer are a direct outcome of this thinking. Which is why, the insights or brand imperatives that we bring out are true as a whole and independent of media. These are then mapped on to their digital behavior.

Why Us?


Holistic Approach

First step is consumer and brand relationship, not ‘digital’


Ear to the Ground

Our insights are enriched by an active ORM team


Exploring What's New

Partner with like-minded experts to realize a brand goal

Our Services

Brand Strategy

Your brand strategy must be meaningful and relevant to your customers. It should be the starting point for every marketing initiative you take. A well-defined brand strategy will help you grow - both in sales and reputation.

Driving Research

Online and offline research design and supervision with relevant stakeholders to help our clients make the best decisions for their business.

Category Deep-dives

Get in-depth insights into the industries and their space. With our vast experience, we help brands understand the category, the product, and its future trends. We understand the nuances of each category and can help you with an appropriate solution for your business.

Fixed and Fluid Moments Expertise

Having a clear understanding of the consumer, culture, language, and the nuances that go into creating a brand presence, we have built expertise in leveraging fixed events in the calendar and also capitalizing on the breaking events/stories.

Project Planning and Execution

Execute projects with effective collaboration between team members and stakeholders. Efficient planning and execution of all the projects to ensure timely deliveries with KPI’s.


We believe that your business is our business. That’s why we take a collaborative approach to every engagement we execute on the behalf of the brand.

Creative Services

Long & short form of content, videos, blogs, white papers and case studies. Formats may change, the message won’t. At Mirum, we believe in creativity with a purpose, a creative service that goes beyond art & copy; and includes strategy and understanding data. Our compelling storytelling helps brands maximize their marketing communication efficacy. Our award winning creative team keeps an eye out for the breaking trends and uses latest technologies to deliver the most appealing, engaging and effective creative work which connects with your customers.

Why Us?


Expert Storytellers

Keeping client’s best interests at heart, always.


Rich Mix of Skills

From Copy to Design, Creator to Director, Artist to Strategist



Responsive and real-time culture



More than a decade of delivering creative excellence



Tailor-made approach for every platform


Data Driven

Using analytics to craft custom communication for higher ROI

Our Services


Our Copywriting Services is a perfect blend of art and science. We are tech-driven, using multiple channels to reach out to your customers. Our copywriters have years of experience & work constantly with clients to make sure that they are getting the best results possible from their marketing efforts.

Content Creation

We are medium agnostic storytellers. Formats may change, the lengths may alter, but the message won’t. We have mastered the art of creating right content for the right platform… because we know – One size does not fit all.

Design Studio

We don’t design, we communicate using graphic formats. Keeping the brand’s essence at the core, we create visual experiences for customers to communicate, engage and transact with the brand.

UI & UX Design

Here we bring art and technology to the table. We use data to decipher user journeys and behaviours, to create interactive designs which customers love to engage with.

Video Production

From scripting, casting, directing, editing to calling it a wrap, we do everything.

CX - Customer Experience

Creating positive experiences for customers at every point of interaction with the brand, across multiple platforms and devices.

Our Select Work


Mutual Funds Sahi Hai

An ongoing mutual fund awareness campaign designed for AMFI. Watch the case study to know how we encouraged our audience to go from Mutual Funds Nahi to #MutualFundsSahiHai.


Marathon of Life

To use Marathon as the metaphor to communicate 6 essential qualities that one needs to possess to become a good investor; as part of the Investor Education initiative by Franklin Templeton. Stories have the power to move people and change behavior. People who engaged with the Marathon of Life campaign learned how to be a good investor and how financial security opens up choices in life.

Media Buying and Planning

In today’s world of endless choices of advertising options be it on your cellphone or a tablet or a desktop/laptop, one needs to have an intelligent and a precise approach from a team which is well rooted into media buying and planning

What makes a campaign great is the expert skills which are put in it and the experience that drives it and not just by running it. By delivering Billions of impressions and millions of clicks, we help you identify and select the right medium at the right time for the right target demographics

What makes us your ideal partner is our expert skills matched with the experience of our team, to hit the right spot to deliver most effective and efficient media options to engage with the brand’s audiences

Why Us ?


Planning to a T

Getting results requires detailed planning


Expert’s work

Experienced Media Planning team


Details Matter

Keeping a close eye on your budgets and targets


Right on time

We adhere to strict timelines


Creativity is in us

We believe in doing things creatively in media


Winning Awards

Focused to create and execute award winning campaigns everytime

Our Services

Media planning strategy

We try to understand the brand core beliefs and their target consumers. Based on this understanding, we create a strategy and carry out our planning and buying process.

Paid Social

We approach social ads the same way we approach search: as part of user research behavior, focused on user needs, and based on performance guaranteeing brand presence through all moments on social media.

Search & Display

Display and search ads have one thing in common: when implemented properly, they can yield great results for your marketing campaign, regardless of the campaign's goal.


Influencers can help drive your brand content and message to a wider target audience and affect choices among their circle of influence through their authority, credibility or relationships. Our influencer marketing services help you connect with the right industry influencers who can inspire your target customer base to take actions.

Tracking and reporting

Media monitoring lets you know if your efforts are turning into results. Only by tracking your coverage will you know if you're even getting any. Only by monitoring the media will you know if you're earning it.

Analytics and business intelligence

Our ultimate goal is to understand the impact of the entire brand planning to execution process. Our analytics team monitors all the campaign and helps us to further optimize it.

Social Listening

Mirum has built an extensive domain expertise in Social Listening over the last 11 years. We listen and analyze millions of conversations across industry verticals like BFSI  / OTT / Pharma / Auto / Telecom. Our expertise lies in ensuring a seamless customer experience across all consumer touchpoints on Social Media / Email / Chat / WhatsApp and even tele-services to provide holistic support. Our 24*7 practice allows us to provide services across multiple countries and different time zones.

Why Us ?


Tool Agnostic

Providing services across all listening tools


Process Driven

Adherence to a strict process driven approach


Multilingual Support

Regional language support for social CRM



Copywriters for quick-witted responses


24 x 7

Round the clock social listening



Strong focus on response time


Robust Training and Quality Control Guidelines


Cutting Edge Analysis


Crisis Management

Our Services

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Alert mechanism along with escalation matrix  to ensure real time intervention. Well defined and proven Crisis management process in place.

Social CRM

Constant endeavor to ensure optimum TAT, customized responses in sync with Brand personality and explore opportunities to improve customer experience are the key cornerstones.

Social Media Research & Insights

Quantitative and Qualitative insights around Brand / Product / Services / Campaign along with Competition Bench-marking are our areas of expertise

Visual Dashboards

Effective one stop solution for clients to monitor trends concerning their brands on a real time basis.

Community Management

Ensure engagement and identify opportunities to build a strong network with our consumers.

Review Sites Management

Moderate and respond on E-commerce sites to provide support and gauge consumer feedback.

Social Media Command Centre Implementation & Support

Expertise to setup, implement and run Digital Command Centre for clients.

Our Select Work

Blue Star

Social Media Command Centre

Client appreciation on how Mirum successfully brought down the response time from 4 hrs. to 1 hr.