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Strategy, negotiation, and placement of advertisements are all part of media planning and buying. By identifying and selecting the right medium at the right time for the right target demographics, we deliver billions of impressions and millions of clicks.

Your market research won't get lost in translation, thanks to the in-house media buying services provided by our Media Buying & Planning team. We make sure that your brand stays consistent over time; that every strategy is synchronized to achieve your marketing campaign's objectives.

Most importantly, we make sure that :
Your campaign is thoroughly researched and fine-tuned throughout its execution to get the optimal results.
Our entire media buying strategy is geared toward lowering your cost per conversion and increasing your conversion rate.

Strategies for Successful Media Planning

Choosing Relevant Media Channels
It is important that the platform chosen to share content by Media Planners should be one that the intended audience is likely to use frequently.

Determining the Relevant Timeline
A project plan is required to identify the assets required to support the campaign to establish the relevant timeline for the media campaign.

Leveraging Audience Targeting
Most marketers start the process of targeting their audience by creating buyer personas. It is simpler to select appropriate marketing platform to reach the intended audience once the target personas have been developed.

Setting Goals for Reach and Frequency
When considering various media plan options, marketers must decide what they hope to accomplish with reach and frequency.

Choosing a Voice
People respond to authentic messaging, so a piece of content's voice is crucial. Customers are savvy; they recognize when they are being ‘sold’ something.

Why Choose Mirum for Media Buying and Planning?


Planning to a T

Getting results requires detailed planning


Expert’s work

Experienced Media Planning team


Details Matter

Keeping a close eye on your budgets and targets


Right on time

We adhere to strict timelines


Creativity is in us

We believe in doing things creatively in media


Winning Awards

Focused to create and execute award winning campaigns everytime

Our Media Buying and Planning Services

Media Strategy

We try to understand the brand's core beliefs and its target consumers. Based on this in-depth understanding, we create a strategy and carry out our planning and buying process.

Paid Social

We see social media as an indispensable tool for marketers. We develop clarity about objectives, target groups, methods and techniques. Our social ads guarantee brand presence through all moments on social media.

Search & Display ads

Our efficiently optimized search and display ad can yield great results for your marketing campaign by effectively increasing reach, enhancing audience engagement and creating brand awareness.

Influencer Marketing

Our influencer marketing services help you connect with the right industry influencers who can inspire your target customer base to take action.

Tracking & Reporting

Our team of experts track your coverage and monitor your media, so you gain valuable insights into public perceptions of your brand, marketing campaigns, products, and services—even those of your competitors.

Analytics & Business Intelligence

Our analytics team monitors all the campaigns and helps us to further optimize them. Predictions and future growth strategies for your brand are developed by our data experts using quantitative tools.