Web Accessibility

Making websites fully accessible to All!

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What is “Web Accessibility”?

  • Web accessibility ensures that everyone can successfully use a website, app, or another digital experience, including users who are visually impaired, partially sighted, hearing impaired, or hard of hearing, as well as users who have difficulty using their hands or have other disabilities.
  • Many countries have legislations that require websites, web applications, and mobile apps to be accessible, thereby more inclusive.

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What Mirum Does?

  • We restructure the customer experience and make websites and apps A, AA, or AAA compliant (depending on the business requirement) as per the W3C accessibility standard.
  • We make a website usable and understandable for most people, with or without disabilities, including those working with assistive technology.

How do we do it

Platform audit
Stakeholder workshop
Strategic roadmap
UX wireframes
Design & Development
Accessibility Statement / Certificate