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All creativity goes through a wave of change where it’s met with new challenges, new opportunities and ever-new ways of thinking. The world of advertising and marketing experienced this wave of change with the advent of the digital era. Mirum started its journey 10 years back as a social media agency; about 5 years back we added technology capabilities and marketing automation, and become a 360-degree digital agency; and now we are seeing our clients put faith in us for their TVCs, print, packaging and outdoors work as well… 


Traditional agencies have been evolving……and so have digital agencies 

There was a need for the profession to adapt to this new medium, and everything it brought along with it. And it did. While there are digital agencies with the expertise to navigate the online space, traditional agencies have, over the years, started to build their digital skills. The surge of in-house digital departments in traditional agencies is testament to the advertising industry’s eagerness to leverage the various opportunities that come with digital. 

More and more, we’re seeing instances of digital agencies undertaking projects that were historically considered a traditional agency’s cup of tea Digital agencies are taking on the responsibility of more than creating content and innovating for the web – they’re learning the way traditional agencies function, and finding ways to merge it with their digital efforts.  And doing this makes sense for digital agencies. On account of their close engagement with audiences, digital agencies have the advantage of getting the pulse of the audience – real-time analysis of the audience sentiment is very much possible. Equipping themselves with the skills to function across the board only amplifies the opportunity to properly align the brand communication. 

At Mirum, we are  taking a proactive steps in going beyond digital duties for our brands. Some of our recent work shows that it is  possible for a digital agency to take a 360-degree approachwithout necessarily needing to rely on a traditional agency 


TVC for HDFC Mutual Fund 

In the recent past, our investor awareness campaign for HDFC Mutual Fund, titled ‘Kya Plan Hai’, struck a chord for speaking to people’s aspirations for a better life The TVCs were the hero assets for this campaign, leading the communication for the brand. Mirum took full ownership of these TVCs – from conceptualising the idea to production of the films. This is a big step for a digital agency, given how the custom for many years has been for traditional agencies to take the lead in ideas and strategy; digital agencies were largely expected to only replicate those ideas on digital platforms. This campaign shows that today, not only are some digital agencies being included in the conversation; they are also taking the lead to create 360-campaigns from scratch.  


Product Pacakaging and  Outdoor collaterals for Sanofi 

Sanofi has been closely working with us  for quite some time to not only to plan and execute digital campaigns, but also to support the brand’s initiatives via non-digital platforms. This includes everything from product packaging and print projects, to in-clinic collaterals like posters, leaflets, standees for patients as well as doctors. We also designed product catalogues aimed at doctors. Also the StopFlu campaign done by us, that leveraged the popularity of cartoon character Chhota Bheem, was originally planned as a digital campaign but soon turned into a PAN-India television campaign, with translations in several languages 


Print for domain name provider 

Mirum also worked closely with the India division of a global domain name registry provider, in its efforts to reach out to small and medium-sized businesses across India. With an objective to expand its business in this category, Mirum India conceptualised and executed a series of print ads, across India’s national dailies across the country (including regional languages)encouraging SMB owners to get a domain registered for their businesses.  


The agency of the future will need a multi-platform approach 

360-degree approaches like the ones by Mirum show that digital agencies can take the initiative to step outside their comfort zones to tell a compelling story. The most popular and well-liked brands over the years have had one thing in common – they’re all great storytellers. And in a world that’s turning more digital with each passing minute, it’s crucial for a brand’s offline and online stories to complement each other. As the lines between traditional and digital marketing continue to blur, operating in isolation makes no business or strategic sense.  

The agency of the future will be seamless, without boundaries, and equipped with the right skill sets to walk a brand’s journey with them from start to finish. Brands will benefit from having an agency on board that takes ownership for a 360-degree approach – this close partnership will create a recipe for lasting impact. 

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